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Gonen Motor Vehicles is a family company founded in 1978 in Istanbul . 37 years in Turkey and including Ferguson Massey primarily to a point in the world , Ford, Fiat, New Holland, John Deere, Leyland, Steyr wholesale of spare parts for tractors and Galina Gnani agricultural machinery and the domestic manufacturing of agricultural farming tools and sending abroad a long firms . At the same time keeping within the commercial vehicle license plates , is also the second-hand car buying and selling .


Our company under the name of agricultural tools and tractors registered trademark GÖNEN known at home and abroad makes the spare parts. Manufacture of spare parts for tractors and agricultural tools are made in our factory in our Istanbul Büyükçekmece. Gonen all products manufactured by the Motor Vehicle 1 are manufactured and guaranteed quality of its trademark. Company quality and taking an active role in international trade over the years has given many years, has been a voice abroad. Gonen Motor Vehicles Istanbul - Edirne - Tekirdag - commercial vehicle license plate started in Kırklareli region have achieved an important place in the trade and have a say. At the same time, our company is carried out within two of the used car trade. Our company has received the vehicle in the tire sector, Pirelli tires and winter tires dealership sales of all sizes - is to make the service work carefully. Gonen motor vehicles aims to provide better service to its customers by increasing the variety and quality of the product in the future.